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  • 4-ROCKY WATERS-VerticalPandemonium1:42

The Trans-Dimensional Symbolism of Rocky Waters

"The Inexplicable Perplexity of Vertical Pandemonium"

Raw enthusiasm amplified is flinging glints hither and thither, piercing the walls of pandemonium as easily as if they were the skin on a soap bubble. Rocky Waters rides the ripplets, as the waves of exuberance hyperbolize, spinning down the whirlpool of Infinite What; a terrifying passageway bound by choices: time, money, and liberation.

Although he shivers and his hair stands on end, he fears only incapacitation by loss of his passion, his oomph, his vivacity, his enthusiasm. He descends
 panic-stricken, still unaware that even the word enthusiasm emerged from en + theos (to be rapt in ecstasy, possessed by God,) and inspiration from in + spirit (inhaling spirit, under the influence of God). He plunges on.