Radio/Television Personality/Producer/Artist/Actor
World’s Youngest Disc Jockey at age 11 - Jamestown, North Dakota - obsessed with production and audio theater.
​Number One Rated personality - WRKO Boston - 33% Total Radio Audience.
​First person in America to play David Bowie and Queen.
Created Alternative Rock Programming launching“WORLD FAMOUS KROQ-FM” in Los Angeles with “All Up, All New Rock, All the Time” - known for its cutting-edge, 3D Stereo, audio-theater production, branding, and special programming. 
Created the first financially successful Album Rock format in America - KMET-FM - “Rock Radio the way God Intended it” became the number one station in Los Angeles in six months.  His jingle, "A little bit of Heaven, 94.7" was sung by the Pointer Sisters and he designed billboards with fluorescent call letters upside down. 
Won the Billboard Magazine Progressive Personality of the Year Award.
In Advertising, he is a CLEO Award Winner and produced the campaigns for the “Blues Brothers Movie,” “48 Hours,” “Fast Times at Ridgemont High,” and nationwide concert tours for Nederlander Theaters.
Created, produced, and starred in the must successful regional advertising campaign in U.S. history: Fred Rated for Federated - over 1,100 different,
Monty Python-like radio and television commercials. He called it “Bludgeon Advertising.”  "Fred Rated for Federated.” It was the first regional advertising campaign ever to have received a 2 page spread in Time Magazine. 
Became one of the most recognized voices in the world as the host of the biggest radio show of all time -  American Top 40 - which grew to ONE BILLION LISTENERS a week in 110 countries.
Created, wrote, and produced the world’s first Global Music Network: RhythmRadio, “The Sound of the World In a Good Mood” -  syndicated programming with nationwide coverage in 30 countries and broadcast on the Internet in seven languages. His Target Demo: “Young people of any age.” See some of the site as it looked in 2002, click: RhythmRadio.
Created CaboWaboRadio for rock star Sammy Haggar - “Hot Rock smuggled across the boarder from Mexico” - 
The Biggest Party in the World from the Cabo Wabo Cantina became the number one online Alternative Rock station in the world.  
The voice of The Antenna TV Network, The Happy Together Tour, & countless commercials and promos.
Created, wrote, produced, and designed all artwork and marketing materials for the cinematic, audio theater, comedy series MENTALRADIO - which has been described as: “Word Jazz & an Audio-Visual Acid Trip of Spiritual Crack.”​
An Artist since the age of  7, an Art Major at the University of North Dakota and the University of Arizona, and a student at the Art Center School of Design in Los Angeles, Shadoe has been creative throughout his career. He majored in Commercial Art for three years at the University of North Dakota and Drama and Journalism for two years at the University of Arizona. 
For ten years, he was the voice of  “The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson” on CBS, and has been heard on countless commercials for major corporations, and television and radio promos and trailers for networks, shows, and new media companies.
As an actor, he starred in movies and numerous television shows like Baywatch, the Larry Sanders Show,and Beverly Hills 90210; was the star of two network series for CBS: four years on the Top 20 series "Dave's World," "Max Monroe: Loose Cannon,” two different versions of “Hollywood Squares,” and the movie "TRAXX."

He created, wrote and produced the "comedy experiment" on HBO/Cinemax "Shadoevision." It was described by Spin Magazine:
"It's Monty Python's Flying Circus and the Hitchhiker's Guild to the Galaxy, crashing into a wall at 200 miles an hour."
He created and produces the hilarious,"Blackout Television," Improv- Comedy-Television-Theater with an All-Black Cast.
He has written and produced more the 200 music JINGLES for radio shows and commercials.
He has written five children’s books with five-star reviews including  "The Big Galoot"

with quotes from Whoopi Goldberg, Henry Winkler, Gene Simmons and the late Dick Clark.  
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A Shadoe Video Time Capsule
​Shadoe is "enthusiastically married" to artist and former international model Beverly Cunningham Stevens.

He has three children:  Brad, Amber, and Chynarose, and two grandchildren: Ava and Winona "Winnie." 

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