"The Consequences of Optimism"

Rocky comes to realize that Doubt is a black hole ravenously feeding itself false evidence validating the imaginary delusion that despair is more valid than hope. But in a bewildering and unexpected epiphany bubbling out of a meditative state, he seizes upon the notion that a Limitless Universe provides no limits to Possibilities and the sheer Limitlessness of Possibilities guarantees Limitless Solutions for every impossible quandary.

The mind, left to itself, will look for problems, tell a story and make a list, but a mind focused on Possibilities and plugged into the Almighty in a relentless pursuit of Dreams, will find OUTFINITY leaping with IN with Enthusiasm, Inspiration, Revelations, and the Power to Realize Castles in the Air.

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The Trans-Dime‚Äčnsional Symbolism of Rocky Waters