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  • 8-ROCKY WATERS-NothingIsEverything1:26

The Trans-Dimensional Symbolism of Rocky Waters

"Nothing is Everything"

Collapsing, endurance depleted and pleading, “I don’t know what to do!” Rocky Waters finds himself relinquishing, surrendering, abandoning his best ideas, his plans, his hopes and dreams, letting go of his little world of clashes and pings, and entering the elevated conscious state of Surrendre, whose chemical composition is expressed: S(Rn)DR42

Asking for help from an all-encompassing Nothingness he can’t begin to comprehend, he finds an unexpected consequence. Rocky begins finding freedom by giving the green light, the free rein, the open door, the heads up, the carte blanche to The Almighty Mover, allowing Him to move right in and do what has to be done.  In this, he finds knowingness in the nothingness and gains everythingness as a consequence. Abracadabra.