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  • 9-ROCKY WATERS-UnexpectedPerkImpBox1:15

"Unexpected Perks in the Impossible Box"

The Revelation comes in a “puh-too” devoid of complications, as the measureless and ever-expanding obscurity wrenches our puzzled tragedian from the bonds of an ill-fated cul-de-sac. But it is the constraints of the bondage that triggered surrender, the pain that delivered willingness, and in the aftermath, liberation from the impossible box unleashes in a geyser of unshackled privilege and spontaneity.

Rocky Waters ascends into awareness without limitation so vast, so far-flung, so boundless to the point of inconceivability, his Self withers in the immensity and intensity of its dazzling perfection, and his potential abounds, mushrooming as the emptiness shrivels,lunging, stretching, extending possibilities in a billowing brilliance, pompous in its complexity, mealy-mouthed in its perplexity. To all this, he can only say, “Amen.”

The Trans-Dimensional Symbolism of Rocky Waters