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JOAN OF ART  21" x 36"


  The 'Iconic Kinetic' Series   
See the Japanese Rising Sun version at the bottom of this page.

48" x 72" and  51" x 34"


Marilyn in Heaven

"Iconic Kinetic Series" - Kaleidoscopic Expressionism

Incorporating mixed media collage, combining images, painting, and occasionally ephemera -

to create statement based compositions in kaleidoscopic interpretations expressing movement, outlook, and perspective.


MONDO BRANDO 36" x 36"
"Iconic Kinetic Series"

Kaleidoscopic Expressionism

TURBO BRANDO​  39" x 52"
Created out of hundreds of tiny iconic Brando images

Shadoe’s work has been described as “Illumination of Spirit,” a 21st Century William Blake. Merging familiar forms with optical illusions, the multi-media work explores metaphysical conundrums

with intricate and abstract images, shapes, and perspective to create explosive visual statements in richly saturated colors. These impossible constructions are designed to create contradictions that

engage the mind with three dimensional illusions on two dimensional planes. This forced perspective is an attempt to reveal that visual input may contain hidden information or have no meaning at all,

and it’s what we do with the information that may or may not exist, that give it meaning. States of mind and the contemplation of Spiritual revelations are expressed in radiant compositions,

abstract realism, self-indulgent word play, and humor. This is humor so subtle, it may not be considered humor at all. If a smile or laugh emerges later for no apparent reason,

it will be a case of: Time-Released Mirth.
Stevens calls his artistic approach: “ Kaleidoscopic Expressionism. “ 

This is a secret code. When you say the words "Elephant Shoes" your lips form in the same way as when you say "I love you."