​From Bob Gowa, radio personality, producer, announcer in the San Francisco area:

This morning, I saw for the first time your companion piece to Doomsday and read through its life affirming elements. 

It left me feeling inspired, encouraged and filled with fresh (of course) HOPE.

It is stunning. Profound. What an important, uplifting statement, especially in this very bizarre year.  Wow. Thank you.. 

Critically acclaimed author​ - Edgar, Shamus, Macavity and Lefty nominee Timothy Hallinan has written 
twenty-one published novels, all thrillers and mysteries, all critically praised -  timothyhallinan.com

“What can I say? The work is stupendous, hilarious. Terrifyingly creative, endlessly imaginative, ridiculously absorbing. 

This just literally boggles the mind. It makes you think in three-d. There's nothing like it, and the writing is great as the visuals. 

It's unique, fascinating, engaging, cosmic, hilarious, and dead serious. 
Hard not to love something that manages all of that at the same time.”

​From Terry MacDonald, well known voice over artist, known for his work on National Geographic channel​. Website: Freelancetimes.com


Wow. This, of course, is just an initial reaction.  I will send others as I spend the next month absorbing all of this. It’s better than a Beatles album—you see something new every time your eye moves.  And then it’s all different.
I will say on initial viewing that it reminds me of how you cut sound together—so this definitely screams “SHADOE!”
Congratulations. You’re still the undisputed most talented human being I’ve ever known. 

From David Worth: film maker with forty feature films. He was the Director of Photography on two Clint Eastwood films: Bronco Billy & Any Which Way You Can before he Photographed the original Bloodsport then Directed the original Kickboxer launching the career of Jean-Claude Van Damme. He has taught filmmaking at Chapman University, USC, Chapman Singapore, UCLA and is currently at The Academy of Art University in San Francisco.  His textbook, Milestones In Cinema, 50 Visionary Films & Filmmakers is available at www.amazon.com. Website: davidworthfilm.com.

Your Art is staggering in its immensity... Your poetic descriptions dwarf many infamously published bards who lack your smirk, twinkle and tongue in cheek observations... Your ultra-complex vision, graphics and insights into the vastness of the unknowable are so richly experienced that it seems to me like you're throwing pearls of timeless enlightened wisdom before the swine of temporal unenlightened existence... Your equation is a the same time a mantra an effortless smile and a shaggy dog story... Finally being able to glimpse your "ShadoeVision" has left me feeling like a submicroscopic quark gazing at a galaxy... Personally I believe you are among ALL of your vast & imaginative creations: Nothing less than The Salvador Dali of this century. Albeit with much more enlightenment and insight and far less self aggrandizing bluster!

PS. The conception & realization of your outstanding film/video production: The Editing, Time-lapse photography along with your impeccable VO & Classical Music, always being punctuated with the soothing bell of enlightenment... Makes me want to burn all of the films in my resume...