The Trans-Dimension Symbolism of Rocky Waters

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  • 2-ROCKY WATERS-GravitationalPullofSanity1:09

"The Gravitational Pull of Sanity"  

The illusion of Stability gets a brainkick in the attention glands when Rocky boots the world into a forced perspective contained in the explosive webs and complex relationships unleashed as a hemorrhage cracks the cheerful veneer of the accepted and expected, and plunges Reality into a perilous unknown. An unspeakable terror unleashes heebie-jeebies, jitters, and discombobulation.

Never seeing the bigger picture and the ramifications of not giving up, he is unaware of the inevitability of an unfathomable outcome soul-stirring and rewarding beyond his wildest dreams and that he would one day enter Ecstatic Bliss indefinitely prolonged, followed by a Peaceful Afterglow and Quiet Contemplation.