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  • 10-ROCKY WATERS-DivineIntoxication1:29

The Divine Intoxication of the Supreme Universal Self

In an unexpected consequence of S2(Rn)4DR42, Rocky finds himself electrified by the embodiment

of the perfect amalgamation, the sudden and unanticipated presence of She whose breath completes his Vital Essence. 

Now empowered and embracing the lightless light, there is an awakening of the mysterious and elusive All Seeing Eye through which he beholds the Solitary Singularity and in it, the transcendental Wha-Hoo of the “It All” 
​and the explosion of inexplicable order and the overwhelming and incomprehensible beauty of the Dance of Creation. To embrace the vision is to be drunk with Love.

The Trans-Dimensional Symbolism of Rocky Waters