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  • 3-ROCKY WATERS-MellifluousBellow1:15

The Trans-Dimensional Symbolism of Rocky Waters

"The Mellifluous Bellow of Chronic Reality"

(Mellifluous meaning "flowing with honey or sweetness;"
Bellow meaning " a roar or shout in a deep, loud, and powerful voice;"
Chronic meaning "long duration, continuing, constant;"
and Reality of course is "the sum of all that is real and absolute”)

Feeling brittle and small, and wallowing in the enormity and complexity of his personal plight, Rocky Waters fails to see the bigger picture. Unaware of even the not so subtle headlights illuminating the path, he is clearly oblivious to the inner workings of the impossible inevitable all around him. Bathed in light he doesn’t even see, he’s blind to the vehicles of change that have been set in motion, inching forward through conflicting elements, bumper to bumper on the road to happy destiny.