The Vision for "Rocky Waters" 

To explore the face of Doubt, Fear of the Unknown,

and the Nature of Hope.

I set out to create works that reflect the

enormity and  complexity of emotional

states triggered by the yeah-buts 

and what-ifs through dense imagery

and colorful optical illusions.  

The mind is bombarded by endless

conflicting thoughts and impulses 

moment to moment, so I set out to create 

a seriesof pieces that would give

fleeting glimpse of mind-sets at 

various States of Change. 

The Suite is a Visual and Auditory

 journey through Challenging Times

by way of Narrative, intensely

colorful and engaging Images,

and a brilliantly subtle combination

of meaty depth with a dollop of wit - 

humor so subtle it is barely recognizable

as humor because it doesn't

make you laugh or even smile,

but may come back later

when you least expect it.
I call this kind of humor:

Time-Released Mirth.  

The Trans-Dimensional Symbolism

of Rocky Waters" Suite

  Shadoe’s work has been described by one critic as  

Illumination of Spirit,  a 21st Century William Blake.

"In a merging of familiar forms and images with

optical illusions, this multi-media work explores

metaphysical conundrums with intricate compositions,
shapes, and perspective to create explosive visual statements

in richly saturated colors.

He creates multi-media, statement based compositions
and optical contradictions that engage the mind

often with three dimensional illusions on two dimensional planes.

This forced perspective reveals 
visual narratives that may contain hidden information

or have no meaning at all, and it is what we do with the information

that may or may not exist, that give it depth and meaning.

States of mind and the contemplation of Spiritual revelations

are expressed in radiant compositions,

abstract realism and subtle humor.

Stevens calls his artistic approach: Kaleidoscopic Expressionism ."

Our world is filled with madness. We are bombarded daily

with countless stories of  terror, tragedy,and hatred.

It has become a mind-numbing assault on the world’s

collective consciousness. Fear and dread have become

the norm, and even our most successful entertainment

has become shock driven.  Doomsday explores

the face of reality, doubt, and the constant

barrage of media-driven fear, in a work of dense

imagery and colorful optical illusions. This is an

unsettling visual journey through intensely colorful

and engaging - sometimes terrifying, sometimes

humorous - imagery. Doomsday  was commissioned by

Farley Malorrus in an effort to visualize how mankind

has its focus on some kind of imminent inevitable:

chaos, death, destruction, and extermination

of everything around us.

Click below to see the video introduction and

descriptions of the Rocky Waters Suite


"HOPE" - 54” x 108” canvas, stretched & varnished, ​gallery wrapped.

Also available:  Artist Proofs:  44" x 81" and 18.5" x 36"  

printed on Saunders Waterford - Somerset enhanced radiant white,

hand made paper  from the U.K. - hand signed in pencil - with a

separate framed description - and 57 page printed glossary

booklet - ​descriptions and meaning behind the more than one hundred

images, symbols, masters,  leaders, quotes, beliefs, and symbolism.

"Hope is the Upside. But if you’re upside down,

looking Down, instead of Up. 

You don’t even know it’s there.”

 Brownboy Love

Amid the madness of a world in turmoil,

at this moment, with every breath, there are

countless millions in every religion

and spiritual practice, praying for peace, strength,

solutions, courage, and the power to triumph

over adversity. Christians, Muslims,

Hindus, and Buddhists, 
Jews, Jains, Taoists, and Baha’is, 

Zoroastrians, Sikhs, Confucianists,

Shintoists, Shamanists, and

Native American medicine men
find unity, love, direction, 

inspiration and solutions

from Within. So we dive into the

inexhaustible, ever-expanding

wonder and  divine intoxication 

of the Supreme Universal Self.​​

"DOOMSDAY" - 54” x 108” canvas, stretched & varnished, gallery wrapped 


To read about religions of the world, science, 

a position on atheism, and why we have

every reason the be Hopeful.



To find descriptions and meaning

behind the more than one hundred ​images,
symbols, masters, quotes, and leaders.  



The  collective assault of  negative, horrifying images,

ideas, events, emotions, and realities in an inferno

of hatred, anger, and resentment for atrocities real and

imagined; inflamed by news media and the Internet;
zombie-filled entertainment, movies, shows, games:

and countless tales of mankind fighting to conquer

 never-ending assaults, invasions, and abominations; 

creates a frenzied consciousness of dread,
an overwhelming conviction that we are doomed. 

This is the 21st-century brain, certain of the terminal

cataclysm, the imminent inevitable, 

the final collapse, the go-bonkers, 

the Mother Kali, the blown fuse,

the big debacle, the last hemorrhage,

the mighty annihilation, the end of all things

and final Act of God.


"The luminous beauty and empowering love found in the

images of this work reflect the divine consciousness

emblazoned upon the blueprint of our universe. 
It is in the waves of the ocean and the spinning of

galaxies. Illumination of the incomprehensible perfection

of all that is manifests in the intentions and devotion

that have inspired accomplishments of triumphant creativity

and expression. It is in temples in India, cathedrals

in Spain, Mosques in Turkey, Churches in

America, and the spiritual rituals, ceremonies, 
celebrations, and dazzling colors of Devotion

and Faith. ​In a conscious decision to embrace eternity

and reach for divinity in beliefs that have been blossoming

since the dawn of creation, mankind reaches

beyond the limitations of space and time, into

the transcendental, for inspiration, direction,

peace of mind, and Hope. This work is dedicated to

the truth embodied in all of the world’s true religions.

Shadoe Stevens


If you have depression,

if you're going through grief,

if you're stressed out or can't sleep,

this is for you.

Just 12 minutes long,

it is an introduction to the

beauty and power of meditation.

I don't want your money

or your email address, it's free.

People talk about meditation but say

"I don't have the time."

What they need is "the experience."  

This is a cinematic, transcendental

experience designed to take you

within and give you a glimpse

of the beauty of infinity.

For the deepest experience,

watch it listening with your best e

arphones. The sound design is a

"Wide-Screen Cinematic 3D Meditation."

You can watch it on youtube.

Click below: