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  • 7-ROCKY WATERS-AlmightyMover1:22

The Trans-Dimensional Symbolism of Rocky Waters

Almighty Mover

There’s a fidgity, fluttery hoard, bumbling, mumbling and bored, in blind and obedient abandon...
while the “thinkers” abark in deep, deep dark delusion-un, say, “It’s Hopeless.”
They’ve concluded “intellectually,” the mere meaning of Infinity,

 reveals unconditionally, “Creation is an Accidental, Meaningless Ordeal.
​And amid the muddled perplexity,in fumbling fragility, 

comes bumbling Humanity, groping for the Faith, 

the Dee-Voh-Shun, that Delivers...Peace of Mind.

Almighty Mover, reveal my Limitations,

help control my Inclinations, only Love and Liberation can protect me

from going down, down, down,and losing my Soul.

Don’t let me go down, down, down.

Dont leave me...